Hometown Insurance

Baudoux Communications

Internet Service Provider - Wireless High Speed Internet

Phone: 1-866-328-6143

Hometown Insurance

Hometown Insurance

SGI insurance, hail insurance.

Garth and Denise Wruck
201 Main Street
Vonda SK
S0K 4N0
Phone: 306-258-2134
Fax: 306-258-2244

Highline Manufacturing

Highline manufacturing

Rock pickers, balers and other farming machinery.

Hwy #27, P.O. Box 307
Vonda SK
S0K 4N0
Phone: 306-258-2233
Toll Free: 1-800-665-2010
Fax: 306-258-2010


Spray-Tech Systems Ltd

Sprayers for all your needs, including custom manufacturing.

Box 290
Vonda SK
S0K 4N0
Phone: 306-258-2175
Toll Free: 1-877-729-8324 (1-8spray-tech)
Fax: 306-258-2176

Vanderstelts Fire Protective Services

Sprinkler system design, installation, inspection, maintenance, service.

Tim Vanderstelt, owner
Box 11
Vonda SK
S0K 4N0
Phone: 306-258-2290
Fax: 306-258-2291

Odds & Ends

Drywall taping and spraying .

Richard Beaulieu, owner
Vonda SK
S0K 4N0
Phone: 306-258-2067
Cell: 306-290-4801

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